As iconic as Kate Bush is, it seems American festival Coachella refused the opportunity for the songstress to perform at the event, claiming festival goers "wouldn’t understand her". The British songwriter, singer and music producer had just come out of a live performing hiatus but even that couldn’t convince music organisers to grab her up.

Kate BushKate Bush won't be playing Coachella any time soon

Despite the fact, Bush is so revered and numerous artists have cited her as an influence on their work, the New Yorker reported that Marc Geiger, head of music at the William Morris Endeavour Agency, said the Coachella CEO refused to have any of it.

The claim was made in a feature about the inner workings of the festival, Marc said: "I'll say, 'Kate Bush!' And [Coachella CEO Paul Tollett] will go, 'No!' and we'll talk through it. I'll say, 'She's never played here, and she just did 30 shows in the UK for the first time since the late seventies.

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"'You gotta do it! Have to!' 'No! No one is going to understand it.'"

The New Yorker's article was an indepth feature people on Tollett ranging from the festival's beginings to its current line-up discussions. 

Kate Bush returned to the stage in 2014 for 22 shows in London - her first live performances since 1979 - which sold out in minutes and attracted rave reviews.

Speaking to the Independent about her hiatus from live shows she said: "It wasn't designed that way, because I really enjoyed the first set of shows we did [in 1979].

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"The plan at the time was that I was going to do another two albums' worth of fresh material, and then do another show."

Despite Coachella's careful planning, the festival was rocked by some difficult scheduling news when Queen Bey announced she was pregnant with twins and had to quickly draft in Lady Gaga as a headline replacement with Beyonce committing to perform in 2018.

This year’s festival takes place from 14-23 April.