Bosworth, 32, admits she's as big a fan of the Shake It Off singer as her husband Michael Polish's daughter and thought it would be cool to set up a very special date with their pop heroine.

"We were shooting the show (The Art of More) in Montreal and Taylor was coming to perform, so I had met her before and I had her contact, but I thought, 'Gosh, how many emails does she get a day?'" Kate said. "I emailed her and I said, 'I know this is really last minute, but my stepdaughter is in town and we (would love) to see the show and say hi, that would be amazing'.

"I didn't really expect anything back, but within five minutes she's like, 'Yes! Come see the show!'"

And Taylor didn't let her famous fan down.

"I think the greatest thing about her is that she really wants to create great memories for people," Bosworth recalls. "I've noticed that with the audience, but also with individuals... She wants to make it great.

"I was the coolest stepmother in the world. I feel like I got a lot of points for that. We were sitting at the soundboard. It was pretty amazing."