Kate Bosworth feels "strong" and "sexy" when wearing Tom Ford's clothes.

The stunning actress is a huge fan of the designer's creations and feels very special when she puts any of them on.

She told Britain's InStyle magazine: "You put on Tom Ford clothes and you feel strong - and you feel sexy. He has a pulse on the strength of a woman."

And it seems The Feeling is mutual as Tom thinks Kate is a great Muse for his clothes, saying: "True great beauties project more than just physical allure. Kate is the ultimate sexy blonde. Audiences want to know her."

Kate, 28, was recently praised by her stylist, Cher Coulter, for her "effortless approach" to fashion.

She said: "She's got this effortless approach to style, and never overdoes it. She's also fun and fashionable and willing to take risks. She's simple, chic and always looks happy in what she's wearing.

"We like to get creative with current trends, but Kate has to feel good and comfortable.

"Kate loves denim because it's easy and casual. She always wears denim to remain comfy while running around town. On the flip side, she also loves to dress up denim by pairing it with a silky button-up and a necklace slung just under the shirt collar. Kate's a chameleon - she can wear anything!"