Kate Bosworth used to get style advice from her father.

The 30-year-old star's passion for fashion comes from her dad, who worked in retail his whole life, and would encourage her to invest in quality pieces as a teenager rather than splurge on short-lived trends.

She said: ''I learned so much from my father. Mostly that classic design would stand the test of time, and fads and trends will come and go.

''When I was a teenager I despised hearing this because I wanted to shroud myself in the latest trends and styles.

''The more I understood what my taste was, the more realised it was very much what he instilled in me, which is a very classical, minimalist take on design.''

The 'Blue Crush' actress is now a style icon in her own right, and used her fashion know-how to create a festival themed capsule collection for Topshop.

Kate drew upon her experience as a former show-jumper to add a western edge to the clothes and accessories.

She told InStyle magazine: ''I thought it might be interesting to produce a festival collection. It was before Coachella - I put together a bunch of new boards and brought them in to the team and came up with a very small collection of things inspired by a certain type of cowboy.

''As a rider, I wore chaps my whole life and I was interested in playing with suede for spring, playing with the feminine, classic silhouette - a more sixties shape - and teaming it with a more masculine, tougher texture.''