Kate Bosworth prepared for 'Homefront' by sleeping ''very little''.

The stunning actress, who plays meth addict Cassie Bodine in the new action thriller, felt it was important to appear as dishevelled as possible on screen and gave up her beauty sleep to suitably meet the requirements of the role.

She explained to Collider.com: ''I got very little sleep. The physicality was something that the role required. She's someone who's abusing herself every day and that starts to take a toll.

''Clearly meth is a very destructive substance, and it shows physically very quickly, and it's a quick demise. It was just a conversation about how rough we wanted her to look. It wasn't something that I thought twice about. It was something that was required.''

The 30-year-old star worked alongside director Gary Fleder and the film's make-up team to achieve her desired effect, but instil a ''sense of hope'' in the character at the same time.

She added: ''Gary, myself and the make-up artists wanted to make sure that she was far gone enough that there was a real danger to her physicality, and an edginess to her, and a discomfort, and constant agitation, but that she wasn't so far gone that there was not a point of no return.''