Kate Beckinsale misses England so much she cries over tins of baked beans in Californian supermarkets.

The 'Total Recall' star lives in Brentwood, California with her daughter Lily, 13, and husband Len Wiseman and admitted she gets homesick for the UK all the time.

She said: ''I've taken to doing ridiculous things like going into the English shop in Santa Monica and weeping over tins of baked beans. So it's definitely time for me to go home again.''

Kate used to make frequent trips to see her family in the UK but says since Lily - whose father is Welsh actor Michael Sheen - has gotten older, it's more difficult to find the time.

She explained to Britain's HELLO! magazine: ''When Lily was smaller it was much easier because I could whip her out of American school and she could go to school in England for half the year. Now she's getting older she can't really travel so much. We try to go to England in the summer but last year we were all in Toronto shooting a movie so I haven't been back for over a year.''