PEARL HARBOUR star Kate Beckinsale has had her complaint against a newspaper which published pictures of her with lover Len Wiseman and daughter LILY rejected.

British tabloid THE DAILY MAIL printed the photographs on 15 April (03) and Beckinsale subsequently claimed her privacy had been invaded, but newspaper watchdog the PRESS COMPLAINTS COMMISSION has thrown the case out.

The photographs showed the SERENDIPITY actress embracing and kissing fiance Len - who she left long-term partner Michael Sheen for - while little Lily stood by.

However, the PCC ruled the headline, "Mummy's latest love scene leaves Lily unimpressed", did not breach either clause 3 of its code of practice, which relates to issues of privacy, or clause 6, which protects children from unwarranted press attention.

The commission accepted the paper's argument that the photographs had been taken in a public place and did not concern the welfare of Beckinsale's daughter, and also that Lily had been photographed and mentioned in numerous articles in the past.

Beckinsale contended the pictures were published without her consent and affected her daughter's welfare.

31/07/2003 22:36