Kate Beckinsale recently revealed on 'The Jay Leno Show' that she and her director husband Len Wiseman text each other while working together, instead of having angry shouting matches in front of the cast and crew.
The 38-year-old told Leno, "You'd be amazed how fast you can type 'douche bag'!", while revealing their way of avoiding awkwardness between their colleagues on set. She and Wiseman met on the set of 'Underworld' in which she was the main star and which he also directed. The pair are currently working on a remake of the 1990 sci-fi action film 'Total Recall' which will star Colin Farrell ('Horrible Bosses') and Jessica Biel ('The Illusionist'). Beckinsale will star as baddie Lori in the film who Wiseman has bravely described as the 'psycho wife'. "As an English actor, I think it's illegal if you don't [play a villain] at some point", the London-born actress told Leno. Despite this, she was originally meant to be cast as the 'three-breasted hooker'. "I'm so glad that I didn't do that", she told Allure magazine. "My daughter would die. She'd be really annoyed".
She also spoke to Leno of her recent appearance at Comic-Con where she compared the reactions of her fan-base to that of comedy actor Adam Sandler. "I love my fan base because they never high-five me", she said. "Adam Sandler's fan base are like, 'Hey!' and high-five him and want to hang out, but mine go behind pillars and get really freaked out".