Hollywood star Kate Beckinsale has been branded a home-wrecker by her new husband Len Wiseman's ex-wife.

The English actress, 31, started her romance with her Underworld director LEN WISEMAN whilst he was still married to his wife DANA - fuelling his ex-wife's comments that Beckinsale does not know how to treat "other women".

Dana says, "They (Beckinsale and Wiseman) are saying their relationship started in January (03) after we separated - but that is simply not true.

"Some girls know how to treat other woman and some don't."

Kindergarten teacher Dana claims her husband's affair with his leading lady began 18 months ago while they were filming UNDERWORLD in Budapest.

She adds, "That's where it all happened. Kate was never nice to me - not from day one.

"I was in Budapest for three months and Kate didn't have a good word to say to me."

It was after Dana suspected her husband's affair with Beckinsale that she fled back to America - alone.

Beckinsale shocked the British public and press when she left her long-term love MICHAEL SHEEN - the father of her daughter LILY - for Wiseman in March 2003.

The British actress married Wiseman in California last weekend (9MAY04) - but had to cancel several wedding dates because the director was still legally married.

18/05/2004 01:39