Review of Night Is the New Day Album by Katatonia

Review of Katatonia's album Night Is The New Day

Katatonia Night Is the New Day Album

Ignoring both the strange misnomer in the title ('I' in is capitalised but not 't' in the?) and the interesting PR brief - 'waltzing between prog moments, doom, folk and the classic melodic anthems that are the stable of [bla bla bla]' - fair enough, some diverse influences there. But is this supposed to be taken seriously? Anyway, put the CD on and see what happens. That might at least have a bit of focus.

And yes, it does, song-by-song, 'waltzing' between doom, industrial and some big choruses between tracks, and it's not awful, some of it flows really well and there's some nice chops here. A kind soul might compare the doom (if indeed this is a genre) bits to Isis and the chorus bits to Tool. I really like Tool, and might go and listen to them now instead, because all of this has been done better before with more gravitas, more structure and hey! more focus.

Seriously, though, it's above average and a fan of the genre, which I am only casually, might like this a lot.

Conrad Hughes

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