Review of The Rubbergum EP by Kassidy

Review of The Rubbergum EP from Kassidy released through Vertigo Records.

Kassidy The Rubbergum EP

Glasgow-based Kassidy, renamed from 'Cassidy', after a few words with US rapper of the same name, are a bearded guitar-playing four-piece that on this showing seem to specialise in traditional indie rock sounds and uncomplicated choruses.

The EP begins with 'Stray Cat', a track that offers a strange revelation halfway through; you find yourself singing along. Now, if this is the first time you've heard it, this is a odd, if impressive, turn of events. It's still unclear whether this occurs because you've heard much of the same before or because the choruses are so easy to repeat that you can't help but join in. This EP is heavily acoustic-based and as with all acoustic guitar work when done well, creates some great sounds.

'The Betrayal' is more of the same, with an acoustic, traditional indie sound. Considering their Scottish roots, Kassidy's singing accents are a little too American, but nevertheless the vocals are strong and remain so throughout the record. Both 'People Like Me' and 'Secrets Tell A Lie' continue in the same vein and it's only when you reach debut single 'Night In A Box' that the band branches out into using electric guitars. After the previous four tracks haven't utilised more than an acoustic guitar, it's a welcome change. The sporadic hand claps intertwined throughout the chorus are also a nice addition.

Final track 'Yeah' begins with some enjoyable guitar work, only hampered by the band's insistence to sound American. Considering they declare "go back to where you came from.." throughout, you'd hope they'd take their own advice and remember their Scottish roots.

There's little doubt Kassidy will feature heavily in festival line-ups this year; especially as you get the feeling the band would really excel in live performances. They are working on their debut album with producer Jim Abbiss, who has worked on records for both Arctic Monkeys and Kasabian, so they are probably in safe hands. However, that 'safety' could be their downfall; this EP errs a little too much on the side of caution and if they are going to succeed, they might want to look into mixing their sound up a little. Oh, and get rid of the faux-American accents.

Rating: 6/10

Katy Ratican

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