Review of Standing On The Top Of Utopia Album by Kasper Bjorke

Kasper Bjorke is a solo artist/producer/DJ who's just released his second album 'Standing On The Top Of Utopia' The Dane is hopeful that his techno tunes will romp around the radio waves of the UK.

Kasper Bjorke Standing On The Top Of Utopia Album

In places 'Standing On The Top Of Utopia' is a strange beast, some may say it's dated others timeless. One of the catches on this record is that not every track is sung by the same person which can be a nice change but it feels a little directionless. 'Animals' starts everything off with aq female vocal that can only be described as how Bananarama would sound like in an alternative universe. The good thing is 'Young Again' follows this and although the track maintains the Eighties vibe, the vocals are mesmerizing and alluring.

'Dasko Vanitas' is somewhat of a boring moment on the album and sadly things do seem to drag from there on; you get a sense that once you have heard a few of these tracks then you have heard them all. 'Great Kills' could be perceived as depressing but in reality it's quite deep.

'Fasano' finishes the album off and if Kasper Bjorke was hoping to finish on a high then he missed the target by some distance, if he was playing darts and aiming for the bull's eye he would have missed the board. There's some interesting moments on Standing On The Top Of Utopia but on the whole the album lacks fluidity.


Mark Moore

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