DJ/producer Kaskade performed through the pain during a recent high-energy concert with Steve Aoki in San Francisco, California after dislocating his shoulder mid-set.
The turntable superstar was trying to get back onstage after crowd surfing when a helpful fan accidentally left him in agony.
Kaskade, real name Ryan Raddon, tells, "Things got a little out of control and, sadly for me, on my last jump, as I was hauling myself back on the stage, someone grabbed me to help me up and pulled my shoulder out of its socket.
"Lucky for me, one of my backstage crew knew what to do and popped it right back in. Adrenaline carried me through the last 20 minutes with Aoki, but I knew I was in pain. Some heavy painkillers sorted me out for my show, there was no way I was going to miss playing for San Francisco... The show must go on. It was worth the discomfort."