Kasabian star Tom Meighan has joined the 'End The Silence' campaign to raise awareness of children suffering in orphanages across the globe.

The 'Fire' rocker and proud parent of five-year-old daughter Mimi Malone - whom he welcomed into the world during his relationship with ex Kim James - has joined fellow musicians such as Ed Sheeran and Sir Elton John in speaking out for those who do not have a voice.

He said: ''For any kid to grow up without love or without being heard is awful. What it does in the end if affect the child as they grow up.

''If you're unloved then you'll have a chip on your shoulder. If no one's heard what you've got to say, I can't imagine it, it would be awful.''

The campaign - organised by UK charity Hope And Homes For Children - sees artists picking songs that mean a lot to them from their own childhood, and Tom chose Ben E. King's timeless hit 'Stand By Me'.

He explained: ''The track takes me back to when the film 'Stand By Me' came out when I was five years old. It's just that happy memory of the song in the movie of them four boys growing up. It takes me right back to my childhood, back to that living room - the smell and the feel.

''I think it's possibly the greatest song ever written. Ever! In my house it was always played, my mum was always singing. She'd sing to me when I was a baby, it's just something that has been put into me. It was a very musical house with Motown and a lot of soul music. That's what I grew up on. It was just a very loving house. It's got a very warm feeling.''