Kasabian and OASIS share a mutual adoration for each other, and despite Oasis' hostile reputation the two bands have vowed to be "mates for life."

The British rockers rocked out together when Kasabian supported the WONDERWALL stars on their recent tour, and they quickly found they were on the same wavelength.

And Noel Gallagher has proved his friendship to the CUTT OFF band by allowing them to record their next album in his studio free of charge.

Singer TOM MEIGHAN says, "Noel's sorting us out with his studio for free - what a zone. Him and Liam are proper boys.

"We've just come back off tour with them and our bands just buzz off each other.

"We look at them on stage in awe, but Liam's told us we inspire them too, which is big.

"He told me that over the past ten years, we're the only band that can go on tour and have it with them. Us lot are mates for life now."