Review of Clubfoot Single by Kasabian


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Kasabian - Clubfoot - Single Review



A sleezy, head-turning track that seriously packs a punch.

Kasabian’s first single proper following two limited edition 10”, has distinct sounds of the Chemical Brothers, with the idiosyncratic dirge of the bass and crackly vocal, but somehow Kasabian have made their sound more organic – with a sprinkling of synth to finish it off.

Kasabian - Clubfoot - Single Review

The foursome from Leicester have seriously pulled it out the hat with this one; ‘Clubfoot’ makes you feel the same way Portishead’s Sour Times used to – slightly soiled as if someone is watching you in the shower.

‘Clubfoot’ is a great track, seemingly shrouded in mystery with a sense of dramatic urgency throughout. The catchy riff is superb and gets right under your goose-pimpled skin. Can’t see it on the ‘soundtrack to the summer’ albums, but I love it!


Jemma Volp-Fletcher