Karlie Kloss tried to stop herself from growing during her younger years.

The 27-year-old model - who is 6'2'' tall - has revealed she felt embarrassed about her height during her childhood and she even tried to stop herself from growing.

The blonde beauty told Naomi Campbell's 'No Filter with Naomi' YouTube series: ''I really struggled with being so tall my whole life. It's not like when I was 16 all of a sudden I shot up - since kindergarten, I was taller than all the boys, I was taller than all the teachers.

''I tried to stop myself from growing. I was trying so hard ... 'Cause I heard all these things about how people were helping themselves keep growing but I would have given anything to stop growing.

''I remember trying to put weights on my head and nothing worked. If there was an option (to stunt my growth), I would have done it.''

Karlie actually used to lie about her height, telling people she was 5'11''.

The model also revealed that at 13, she was told she was too tall to be a professional ballerina.

Katlie shared: ''When I was 13, I was probably 5'8'' or 5'9'' already and I was told I would never have a career as a professional ballerina, which was fine because that was never my intention.

''What I learned from ballet was actually how to love my body, how to stand tall, and command presence with movement.''

But on reflection, Karlie thinks her height has actually proven to be beneficial.

She said: ''I'm really tall so I would always close the catwalk shows with a big long gown because every designer knew I could carry it off.''