Karlie Kloss says short hair can be sexy.

The Victoria's Secret model is the first in a long history of Angels to have short hair and claims she is not just experimenting with a different hairstyle, insisting the bob is here to stay.

Karlie went for the radical chop a day before walking in the Victoria's Secret fashion show last autumn, and while she was ''in the dog house'' for her decision at first, she convinced everyone it was the right choice.

She stated: ''There are girls out there with every body type and there are girls out there with every hair type. You can be sexy with short hair!''

A new look is not the only thing to make the model feel sexy since love interest Josh Kushner gives Karlie the escape she needs from a life as a catwalk model.

Although the brunette loves being part of something where she feels ''beautiful, confident and sexy'', she appreciates Josh for being different.

She said: ''He's so not in fashion. It's really refreshing to leave all the fashion shows and shoots and chaos totally behind.''

The supermodel also revealed she tries to lead a healthy lifestyle and favours water over champagne to maintain her look on the runway.

She told PEOPLE magazine: ''I am definitely a sleep over champagne kind of girl. I'm a hardworking girl, so I have to take care of myself. You have to rest while you can, drink water and power through.''