Karlie Kloss used to hate running.

The former Victoria's Secret model - who ran the Paris Half Marathon earlier this month - has admitted she previously hated the idea of jogging despite being a ''super active person'' from a young age.

She said: ''To be completely honest, I used to hate running. Before I started training for the Paris Half Marathon, I had never run more than four miles at one time.

''But I've always been a super active person and trained from a very young age as a ballerina. In my dance training and now in my workouts, it's always been so important to challenge myself. Running is a fear I've always wanted to overcome and push myself to try.''

And Karlie is not content with just one Half Marathon under her belt and is hoping she can complete another soon.

She added: ''Crossing the finish line was such an incredible feeling and accomplishment for me.

''My goal in taking on running is to challenge myself physically and know I can do anything I set my mind to. I'm definitely planning to run another half marathon in the future!''

The 22-year-old model believes her active lifestyle is one factor which helps her when she's on the catwalk.

She added to Runner's World: ''Running is an all-encompassing workout that really exercises your entire body.

''Feeling healthy and strong helps me both on and off the runway.''