Karlie Kloss gets on with Taylor Swift because they share ''similar goals and ambitions''.

The 22-year-old fashion model has revealed why her and the 'Bad Blood' hitmaker are the best of pals.

She believes it's due to their strong work ethic and wanting to have ''very long'' and ''successful'' careers.

Karlie explained: ''A large part of our friendship comes from having similar goals and ambitions, in terms of wanting to have very long and successful careers. We both believe in working hard and setting goals for ourselves, so there's that kind of connection.''

But when they aren't planning their next move in the music and modelling industry, they also enjoy going on trips and having ''fun together''.

She told British HELLO! magazine: ''But we're also able to have fun together and we've gone on a few trips in recent years where we can get away from thinking about work.''

Karlie shared that the '22' singer often sends her text messages while they are travelling and offer each other support ''the way good friends do''.

She added: ''We speak and text a lot while we're travelling and we support each other the way good friends do.''