If you've watched the latest season of 'Black Mirror', which aired on Netflix just before New Year, you'll know that it's chock full of some of the weirdest concepts ever put to screen. That just makes it all the more confusing how TV buffoon Karl Pilkington managed to predict at least two of the storylines.

Karl Pilkington on the set of 'Derek'Karl Pilkington on the set of 'Derek'

Has Charlie Brooker been watching too many re-runs of 'The Ricky Gervais Show'? Or is Karl Pilkington genuinely psychic? Either could be true, but what is certain is that the latter has spookily come up with two of the storylines for the final episode of the fourth series 'Black Museum' among some of his ridiculous yet earnest musings between 2011 and 2012.

One YouTuber compiled a couple of clips from 'The Ricky Gervais Show' interspersed with footage from 'Black Mirror' to explain the point. It begins with a snippet from series 3, episode 8 of 'The Ricky Gervais Show' entitled 'Medicine'.

'Sometimes I don't know if I feel well', says Karl, by way of his cartoon incarnation. 'If there was some sort of kit that the doctor said, 'How you feeling, Mr. Pilkington?' and I go, 'Oh, I think I feel alright' and they go, 'Well, do you? Step into the machine'. Get into the machine and if he could somehow transfer my feeling into his body so I can feel how he feels and he can feel how I feel, and he'll go, 'You're not well at all. Your heartbeat's irregular for a start'.'

Indeed, it sounds very much like Rolo Haynes' special neurological implant in the 'Black Museum' episode where one doctor uses a special interface to detect pain in his patients and issue an accurate diagnosis, including for cardiac arrest. As Karl says, 'It's hard to explain an ache'.

Exhibit B is this beautiful suggestion for a film. 'It starts off, the people, you're seeing into their lives from the morning', he explains. 'You think, 'Oh, they've got a nice life'. He walks out the house, gets hit by a bus. She's devastated, the doctor says, 'Your husband's dead'.'

'Morgan Freeman says, 'Been working on this, you can run your life on half a brain'', Karl continues. 'He says: 'We can either turn the switch off or we can put her head in your head'... What happens is, he's gone but you have his thoughts.'

Without the grisly surgery, the swapped pronouns and Morgan Freeman, that's pretty much exactly what happens in the section of the 'Black Mirror' episode where Rolo Haynes talks about transferring the consciousness of a man's comatose wife into his head - albeit with disastrous consequences in the end.

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Karl Pilkington is a genuine genius.