Karl Lagerfeld owns 300,000 books.

The Chanel and Fendi creative director revealed he has the vast collection of literature stashed away in his home and insists guests navigate their way around the stacks of books when they come to visit.

According to WWD, he said during his master class at the Hyères International Festival of Fashion and Photography this weekend: ''Today, I only collect books; there is no room left for something else. If you go to my house, I'll have you walk around the books. I ended up with a library of 300,000.

''It's a lot for an individual.''

Despite his extensive collection of literature, the 81-year-old fashion designer doesn't believe in being inspired by the past and insists he has never looked into the archives of either Fendi or Chanel, who he has worked with since 1965 and 1983 respectively.

Speaking at the Condé Nast International Conference last week he said: ''You want me to take inspiration from my past? No. I don't have to take note of my past. I don't want to see who's had success in the past - I don't think like this.

''I have never gone into the Chanel and Fendi archives. It's unhealthy for me, but I can see it's interesting for other people.''