Karl Lagerfeld doesn't think men should wear fur.

The 81-year-old fashion designer - who, as creative director of Fendi, has created an entire fur collection for the house to show at Haute Couture Paris Fashion Week - has confessed he isn't ''too crazy'' about guys sporting the look and thinks rock stars donning fur coats in the Sixties was ''tacky''.

When asked if he thinks men can pull off haute fuorrure, he said: ''It depends who you are, if you're Liberace, maybe it's OK, but I'm not too crazy for fur on men. As a lining in cold countries, why not? Although they can make you look fat. Very soft, beautiful coats - I think they are feminine.

''There were too many rock stars and people in the Sixties who used to wear fur, and if you look at the pictures today, it's very tacky. But you know, in the Sixties, it was anything goes.''

Although Karl - who is known for sporting his signature black suit and gloves teamed with a white shirt - has confessed to falling victim to the trend in the past.

Asked if he's ever worn fur, he said: ''In the Sixties, but never after. My house is too heated for a sable bed cover, but I think fur covers can be very beautiful.''

The world-renowned designer added he no longer sees sporting the luxurious look as a ''status symbol'' and simply believes furs are coming in and out of fashion.

He told WWD: ''You know, trends come and go, so there are no rules. For the moment, people like fur, but they like fur as a fantasy, not as a status symbol. It's not something you buy to show how rich you are, or as an investment. That I hate. But that kind of coat they don't really make anymore.''