Karl Lagerfeld has ''no ego'' and that's why he can work for multiple fashion labels simultaneously.

The 81-year-old designer insists it's easy for him to create clothes and accessories for Chanel - at which he is creative director - and Fendi at the same time because he can adjust his creations to the needs of each company.

Speaking to Germany's Vogue magazine, he said: ''I do not have one personality, I have several. And I don't have a problem with my ego. I want that Fendi really is Fendi, Chanel shall stay Chanel and Lagerfeld can be my prima ballerina.''

Lagerfeld also revealed his initial ambition for a career was to be an illustrator and he never considered getting involved in fashion.

He said: ''I wanted to be an illustrator. I had no idea that you can have a career in fashion. What I do today and this role in the business did not exist back then.''

Lagerfeld also revealed what inspires him is creating new styles and new concepts as he isn't excited by the past.

He revealed: ''If I did something once, then I'm not interested any more. So what? I think that nostalgia isn't very healthy. ''Some designers are doing stuff they've done before again and again. They are already preparing for the Louvre.''