Karl Lagerfeld thinks COCO CHANEL ''would have hated'' what he's done with the luxury brand.

The 82-year-old fashionista took over as chief designer for the label, which was founded in 1910 by the icon, in 1983 following her death in 1971 but he believes she would be appalled by the way he's changed the brand to fit ''our time.''

Speaking to ITV News, he said: ''In the end, she hated blue jeans and she hated mini skirts. That gave her a little untrendy image. So when I took over, everyone was like, 'Don't touch it.' So I thought it was an interesting challenge but I never expected it to become that great and that famous again. It's unbelievable.

''But also, we live in a world with another kind of communication. The media and all that are so different today that you cannot compare her time with our time.''

Meanwhile, the legendary designer, who also runs his own label Fendi, has admitted he has no plans to step down as his contracts for the famous fashion houses are ''lifelong.''

Asked what his thoughts are on retirement, he said: ''I don't have any. As my contracts are lifelong, I don't have these thoughts. Who could take over from Karl Lagerfeld?''