Karl Lagerfeld became a fashion designer ''by accident''.

The acclaimed CHANEL designer admits his first interest was in drawing cartoons and he still indulges his hobby now - using eyeshadows.

He explained: ''As a child, I wanted to become a cartoon artist. I only came to fashion by accident.

''For 20 years I have painted with pastels and also Shu Uemura eyeshadow colours.''

Karl is currently enjoying spending more time at home than ever because of his beloved 10-month-old cat Choupette.

He explained: ''I love that cat. I have never seen anything so beautiful.

''I have always been a bit of a home bird, but now she is there, I actually enjoy it.''

Karl recently revealed his collaboration with high street fashion chain H&M made him more open to lending his name to more affordable items.

He said: ''That [the H&M collaboration] really showed me that my name could be used for less expensive things. Apparently I'm very popular with the public so the public should have the possibility to buy them without being awfully expensive.''.