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Meryl Streep Hits Back At Karl Lagerfeld's 'Lies' Over Oscars Dress

Meryl Streep Karl Lagerfeld

Meryl Streep has hit back at Karl Lagerfeld, accusing the Chanel creative director of 'lying and defaming' her.

It comes after Lagerfeld gave an interview to Women's Wear Daily where he claimed Streep had ordered a dress from Chanel for the Oscars, but changed her mind after another designer offered to pay her to wear one of their creations.

Lagerfeld has since apologised for his comments and admitted he was wrong, however Streep does not accept his apology.

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Behind-The-Scenes Of Kristen Stewart's Chanel Campaign

Kristen Stewart Karl Lagerfeld

Hold up...is that a smile we see from Kristen Stewart in the new behind-the-scenes video of her Chanel campaign shoot? Well, sort of. She must really like Karl Lagerfeld!  Kristen does look pretty fantastic in the video, it looks like the campaign is going to be visually stunning.  We also loved being able to get a look in at one of the year's most glamorous fashion shoots.

Kristen Stewart Chanel Campaign The behind-the-scenes video features Kristen Stewart and Karl Lagerfeld

The video was shot in February for Karl Lagerfeld’s Metiers D’Art Paris-Dallas collection, which first debuted back in December. The collection was originally shown in Dallas, Texas on a rodeo-style runway sprinkled with hay. Combining cowboy chic with an air of Spanish bullfighter and a splash of Victoriana, the collection is certainly a step away from Chanel’s norm.

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Cara Delevingne Stars In Karl Lagerfeld "Horror" Film & Explains Why Social Media Is An Issue

Cara Delevingne Karl Lagerfeld Jake Bugg Harry Styles

Model Cara Delevingne may have not made it on to the Fifty Shades of Grey cast but she has marked another step into acting in Karl Lagerfeld's new short film for fashion house Fendi.

Cara Delevingne

The 21 year-old face of the brand appeared in a seven minute video as a tearful girl with big hair who turns up at an old house with Saskia de Brauw rady for a black tie party. The pair are met by their sinister host who is played by Lady Amanda Harlech who shows them round her haunting estate. It dawns on the young guests that things aren't quite what they seem, meaning a handsome stranger must rescue them before it's too late...

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Karl Lagerfeld And Keira Knightley Will Team Up To Honor Coco's 100th Anniversary

Keira Knightley Karl Lagerfeld

Keira Knightley will be joining the likes of Shirley MacLaine, Audrey Tautou and Anna Mouglalis in a right of passage of sorts – portraying the godmother of high fashion, Coco Chanel herself.

Knightley will be playing the infamous designer in a short film, directed by none other than Karl Lagerfeld (who else?), focusing on the early years of Ms Chanel’s life. According to the Huffington Post, the short will be set in the French seaside town of Deauville, where Coco Chanel set up her first shop with the help of her lover at the time. In fact, with this film, Lagerfeld will celebrate the 100th anniversary of that very same boutique.

Of course, there couldn’t be a more fitting choice than Keira Knightley for the title role, considering her longtime experience with the brand. The actress has been the face for the signature Coco Mademoiselle perfume since 2007, regularly appearing in print and TV ads for the fragrance.

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Karl Lagerfeld, Keira Knightley And Chloe Moretz Celebrate Chanel's 'Little Black Jacket' In London

Karl Lagerfeld Keira Knightley Chloe Moretz Shock Machine

Any event of Chanel's will always be full of the world's best dressed and most beautiful people. As such, Keira Knightley was a prerequisite to Chanel's 'Little Black Jacket' event in London, last night (11th Oct 2012). The event was to celebrate the launch of an exhibition of photos of different people wearing Chanel's iconic 'Little Black Jacket', at the Saachi Gallery in London.

Knightley has been one of the faces of Chanel since 2006, appearing in promotional material for one of the fashion house's perfumes, Coco Mademoiselle. As such she has developed a friendship with head of the house, Karl Lagerfeld, who of course attended the event in his signature dark sunglasses. Rumours have been flying around regarding Knightley's wedding to Klaxons guitarist James Righton, prospective date unknown, and whether the Pirates of the Caribbean actress has requested Lagerfeld to design her wedding dress (Daily Mail).

Other celebrities that attended the event included Yasmin Le Bon, Laura Carmichael, Noomi Rapace and Chloe Moretz, star of hit movie 'Kick-Ass'. Moretz turned up looking particularly stylish for a 15 year old. Indeed, she looked well dressed for anyone of any age, sporting leather trousers, gorgeous teal heels and a jacket seemingly inspired by the 16th century- the combination of which sounds awful, but is, in fact, an embodiment of style.

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Jennifer Lopez Engaged? J'Lo Spotted With Sparkler On Engagement Finger!

Jennifer Lopez Karl Lagerfeld Kanye West Nicki Minaj

Is Jennifer Lopez engaged to Casper Smart? We had our suspicions back in June when she was wearing a new ring but she quickly shot down the rumors. Now, according to the Toronto Sun, J-Lo had a huge sparkling ring on her engagement finger at this week's Chanel show at Paris Fashion Week. Jennifer and Casper have been known to have their problems recently - he was spotted visiting a 'porn shop' which caused the couple some public embarrassment but they seemed to recover quickly and have been spotted out and about as a family, enjoying each other's company.

Earlier in the week, J-Lo stole the show at the Chanel catwalk display at Paris Fashion Week, with her four year-old daughter Emme, who was looking resplendent in a pink Chanel dress, with a white cardigan and pink shoes. They joined the likes of Kanye West at the catwalk show, which Lagerfeld was inspired by the wind: "It's more about the mood of the times," said Lagerfeld. "Not something you have to translate. It's all about the wind, it's in the air. I started sketching in Central Park and it was so hot that I wanted fresh air."

Jennifer Lopez recently left her job as a judge on American Idol. Sounds like she had a lucky escape getting off that judging panel; if she'd remained on the show and been joined by Nicki Minaj, perhaps it would have been ol' Jenny From the Block on the receiving end of Nicki's vicious outburst earlier this week. Best off sticking to your pop career, Jen!

Paris Fashion Week's Runway Delights


There are two fashion houses that no one can resist talking about in this year's Paris Fashion Week: the formidable CHANEL, and YVES SAINT LAURENT under their new creative director, Hedi Slimane.

Chanel's runway resisted Karl Lagerfeld's tradition of having a grand overarching theme, that have added some excellent drama to the shows in the past, and opted instead for a paradoxically refreshing nostalgia to grace the runway. The iconic black and white scheme that Chanel is famed for crept in, along with their strong and bold cuts: the classic Chanel blazer in some stunning pastels. Round necklines and block colour mixed perfectly with splashes of floral, all effortlessly layered while keeping the waist cinched for a line-up of stunning silhouettes.

Hedi Slimane's first fashion week with Yves Saint Laurent was greatly anticipated with somewhat baited breath. Slimane's past has seen him shake-up men's fashion, and opting to release his own like with YSL as 'Saint Laurent' seems to go against all that YSL is. Therefore, in a surprising turn of events that seems to mirror Chanel's choice nostalgia, Slimane delivered what may be referred to as a homage to the classic '70s Yves Saint Laurent. Capes and wide brimmed hats dominated the runway. The cut of each dress was immaculate and the material of each piece seemed moved with breathtaking elegance.

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Video - Sarah Jessica Parker, Russell Simmons And Karl Lagerfeld Attend Gordon Parks Centennial Gala

Attendees at the Gordon Parks Centennial Gala at the Museum of Modern Art in New York included multi-millionaire co-founder of the Def Jam record label Russell Simmons with model Teresa Lourenco, Gordon Parks' daughter Leslie, fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, 'Sex and the City' actress Sarah Jessica Parker, news anchor Anderson Cooper and photographer Peter Beard with his wife Nejma.

The event was to commemorate the centennial of the birth of legendary photographer, writer and film director Gordon Parks. The evening raised around $600,000 towards the Gordon Parks Foundation - an organisation that preserves the work of Parks and make it available to the public through exhibitions, texts and media

Lagerfeld Confidential Review

Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld is a lot like Michael Jackson. How's that for a questionably complimentary comparison? Both are artistic geniuses who have reached the pinnacles of their professions despite their wacky eccentricities. Both are insanely rich and have used their money to create insular worlds crowded with yes men and enablers who cater to their every whim, no matter how bizarre. Both have interesting hair and a penchant for unusual wardrobes.

The difference is that Lagerfeld has his head screwed on straight. He's the one you'd rather go out to dinner with. In the fascinating Lagerfeld Confidential we go behind the scenes in Lagerfeld's rarefied world, peeking into the corners of his chaotic apartment, travelling with him around the world, watching photo shoots at his country estate, and seeing him hang out with Nicole Kidman, his commercial muse.

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