Karina Smirnoff, professional dancer on the US celebrity reality show 'Dancing With The Stars', and other half Brad Penny have been enduring a tough time of it of late - and the saga took another sorry downward dip with the news that the pair have now called off their engagement entirely. The couple had announced back in October that they'd postponed their planned wedding in 2012 but it still seemed like issues with being apart from each other were the only problems arising. Now however the situation is a lot less clearer.
Smirnoff wasn't entirely clear as she spoke to a correspondent for On The Red Carpet.com, simply saying that things were "a bit hard right now" and "hoping God has a plan in all this." This certainly sounds a little more downcast than the pair's initial reasoning for calling off the wedding, which was due to take place on January 21st of next year. Then, the dancer explained, "It's just that we've been apart for over two months now without seeing each other, it was impossible to plan a wedding like that. So we decided that it would be best to wait."
It's been an extremely busy year for both Smirnoff and Penny, with the former taking the 'Dancing With The Stars' crown this year with Iraqi war veteran JR Martinez and Penny pitching for baseball team the Detroit Tigers.