Review of The Author Album by Karima Francis

Review of Karima Francis' album The Author released through Kitchenware/Sony.

Karima Francis The Author Album

Karima Francis is a new singer songwriter from Manchester, Francis' career began with a stunning performance at In The City where she wowed many people from the record industry, she finally signed to Kitchenware Records. Her vocal abilities give her great range, and allows her to perform a variety of songs, from the poppier stylings of KT Tunstall on tracks like 'Again' all the way through to ' Laurel Avenue' which holds tones similar to Jeff Buckley, all the way through the album there's touched of Joan Armatrading and Tracey Chapman.

Still very much an unknown when it comes to the wider musical spectrum, Karima Francis really deserves more. She outshines many of the female singer songwriters around at the moment, and her songs are stronger than Joss Stones previous efforts. Her appearance on Jools Holland was one to behold and turned out to be one of the series highlights. If anything is fair and just, Karima Francis will breakthrough on a worldwide scale.

Rating 8/10

Mike Rea

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