Review of Chasing The Morning Light Single by Karima Francis

Review of Karima Francis' single 'Chasing The Morning Light' released through Kitchenware.

Karima Francis Chasing The Morning Light Single

The term 'singer/songwriter' has been a misguided one for a few years now. Blame it on the Blunts, Powters and Tunstalls of this world if you like, but what it really boils down to is that like many other genres in music, there is an alarming lack of originality or spark which ultimately makes it nigh on impossible for anyone to stand out from the crowd.

Blackpool-born songstress Karima Francis is the latest to be thrown into the lion's den of solo iniquity, and while there's no doubting the fact she can hold a note or ten alongside the best of them, 'Chasing The Morning Light' doesn't possess enough in the way of a tune or melody to make you want to jump for joy or even turn the radio up every time it makes its way through the speakers.

Nevertheless, there is no doubt Ms Francis has potential and at least she's a refreshing change from last year's production line of Winehouse copyists that every major label seemed intent on thrusting towards poor old Joe Public at every given opportunity.


Dom Gourlay

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