Sexy YEAH YEAH YEAHS singer Karen O has turned down the chance to appear on the cover of Playboy magazine - although she may change her mind.

The raunchy New Yorker has received no end of press attention for her outrageous onstage behaviour and has rapidly become a style icon and sex symbol.

Karen says, "I was approached but I said, 'No'. Who knows though? Maybe I'll do it in the future, but now doesn't seem to be the right time.

"It all depends on instinct really - but there won't be any t**ies, d**ks or f**nies!"

Karen is also unimpressed with the idea of being one of rock's most desired women.

She says, "I guess it's fun, but I'm so detached from it. I see footage from our shows, I'm so shocked by what I'm doing."

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs new single, PIN, is released on 23 June (03).

10/06/2003 20:53