Kara DioGuardi, the American singer-songwriter and former American Idol judge, claims she became "high as a kite" after eating some 'special brownies' left at Paula Abdul's house. Kara Dioguardi told George Lopez on 'Lopez Tonight' that an ambulance had to be called after she had accidently consumed the brownies while staying at the singer's home.
On Wednesday's show (25th May 2011) DioGuardi told host Lopez, "The maid at the time found some brownies in the freezer and put them in the refrigerator ... I hadn't really eaten much that night". The songwriter said she hadn't released the brownies were "special", adding, "Six hours later I was like, hey.what's going on? I fell out of bed, on the floor and stumbled down stairs ... and I was like.brain tumour..and then the ambulance comes, and this guy is like, 'This b*tch is high as a kite!" The 40-year-old recalled how she was stuck in bed for the next three days, telling Lopez, "I was hallucinating, I was on an IV. I stumbled out like a junkie ... it was bad news!" DioGuardi stressed that the brownies didn't actually belong to Abdul, and were apparently left by someone after a party.
Kara Dioguardi's new reality singing competition 'Platinum Gold' premieres on Bravo this Monday (30th May 2011). The show differs from American Idol and The X Factor in that it places more emphasis on songwriting.