Review of Blacklist Album by Kap Bambino

Review of Kap Bambino's album Blacklist.

Kap Bambino Blacklist Album

The name Kap Bambino, although sounding like the contents of an Italians baby's nappy, is actually the title created by the French musical duo Caroline Martial and Orion Bouvier for their raucous electro-grunge band.

Their fast and furiously energetic debut album Blacklist, splatters Martial's excited vocals over a synthesised form of punk metal, producing a grungey, twisted sound that makes you feel as if your face is being attacked by a cheese grater. The angst ridden vocals of this feisty French beauty compliment the textured shredding of the synthesizer riffs perfectly; turning a sound that should be abrasive into something that is perfectly listenable and dare I say catchy.

This band is becoming renowned for their formidable live sets; so if you desire to be part of a dark epileptic nightmare, surrounded by hundreds of unwashed and sweat caked cretins, then keep your eyes peeled for tour dates. Hairy armpits or no hairy armpits, Caroline Martial is definitely worth an ogle at.

You'll probably generate a few frowns if you decide to whip this bad boy out at a respectable dinner party, but who cares. This futuristic devil music will surely gain the respect of those who matter.

Rating 8/10

Rory Taylor

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