Kanye West has been criticised for not using auto-tune ''correctly''.

The rapper is a fan of the vocal-correcting software and while T-Pain - who helped popularise its use - thinks the 'Stronger' hitmaker makes ''great'' music, he doesn't think he is making the most of the voice processor.

He explained to 'HuffPost Live': ''Kanye uses it, but he doesn't use it correctly. He makes great music with it, but the way that I use it and the way that I've shown Chris [Brown] and Jamie [Foxx] to use it, he doesn't use it that way.''

The 'Up Down' singer went on to explain that Kanye should use auto-tune to ''catch mistakes'' before they happen.

He said: ''[Kanye] sings without it first and then he puts [Auto-Tune] on after he's done with the vocals.

''You don't know how it's going to come out. You can't catch your mistakes before they happen. So sometimes it gets a little bit wobbly and things like that...''

However, T-Pain admitted he was a fan of Kanye's 2008 album '808s & Heartbreak', which made heavy use of auto-tune.

He said: ''[808s & Heartbreak] was actually good, but I had a lot to do with that album.''