Kanye West says fashion "breaks" his heart.

The 'Runaway' hitmaker was handed the Stylemaker Award at the Accessories Council's 14th annual ACE awards in New York, this week and in his acceptance speech told of his great disappointment whenever he has to finish a fashion piece and move on.

He said: "Why, if someone is good in one field, can they not be accepted or given the slightest opportunity to express and be creative in other fields?

"I thank Marc Jacobs so much for giving me the opportunity to design a shoe for Louis Vuitton. But the thing that broke my heart most was when they said, 'You're finished. The shoe's finished.' "

Kanye completed a range of sneakers for Louis Vuitton - whose creative director is Marc - last year, which came in three styles and retailed between $840 and $1150.

Even though he didn't like finishing his designs, seeing the finished product was another highlight for the rapper.

He added: "When it was ready it was like the dream of putting together the fabric and having the energy that I knew of being a street kid, of being a boy out of Chicago and enjoying every day and the way I can connect with this."

Kanye added his appreciation for the design world's luminaries, and praised the thinking outside of the box attitude of the people within it.

He said: "Fashion breaks my heart. I just appreciate the people in this room that are open-minded enough to remember when they were a five-year-old. To remember when they could colour outside the lines."