Kanye West has finally made up his mind about his new album title, revealing that the cryptic acronym ‘T.L.O.P.’ that he put out there earlier this week stands for The Life of Pablo.

The 38 year old rapper had tweeted on Monday night that he’d be giving away a ticket to his Season 3 show at Madison Square Garden tonight (February 11th), as well as a pair of Yeezy sneakers, to anybody who correctly guessed what ‘T.L.O.P.’ meant.

The Life of Pablo, out on the same day, will be previewed at the one-off concert in New York and simultaneously screened in theaters around the world. Kanye revealed which songs had made the cut, as well as the title, in a tweet on Wednesday night captioned: “Final track list for The Life of Pablo.”

It’s more or less the same songs that made the last tracklisting three weeks ago, except it’s been pared down to ten tracks and some have been removed and new ones have been added. Notably, ‘All Day’ and ‘No More Parties in L.A.’, songs that have been released throughout the last 12 months, are absent.

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It’s been quite a journey for Kanye to actually get to the point of naming his seventh album, having decided upon and then scrapped three different names. The Life of Pablo, the record formerly known as Waves, Swish and So Help Me God, arrives nearly three years after his last record.

The last time he changed the title, at the end of January, it resulted in an epic war of words on Twitter with fellow rapper Wiz Khalifa.

As he’s also gearing up for his Yeezy Season 3 fashion show at the same time as completing and releasing new music, Kanye also tweeted: “Please no one text me or ask me for anything till Monday.” Right you are, Kanye.

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