Kanye West is back on social media and his first offering is a stream of creative advice for fellow artists. It's a little bit bizarre, granted not as bizarre as it has been, and wife Kim Kardashian is a little bit concerned about what is going on in the rapper's head at the moment.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian out and aboutKanye West and Kim Kardashian out and about

Kim Kardashian has no idea what her husband is talking about with his latest Twitter tirade. In fact, she has taken issue with one sentiment in particular that led to an amusing exchange between her and pal Chrissy Teigen.

'Sometimes you have to get rid of everything', Kanye wrote on Twitter. Of course, given the context, he could have been talking creatively, but Kim just wanted to do a check on that.

'Wait...EVERYTHING?!?!?!' She Tweeted. Immediately, Chrissy was there to soften the blow - quite literally - with the offer of a new home.

'I have an air mattress here and I have been itching to bust it out if you need', she wrote.

Of course, Kim wondered if her husband was planning to kick the kids out too. 'Might need some more for the kids? Just not clear on what everything really means', she said. 'I need clarity. Thanks for being such a good friend. Maybe John [Legend] can call and inquire? But maybe he means friends too? This is confusing.'

'You're right. We are all screwed', Chrissy joked. 'I still have the bouncy house from Saturday!! It's a bed and a house in one.'

Never fear though, Kanye isn't really about to estrange himself from his family; Kim isn't about to address such an issue on Facebook if it's a real concern. But it's kind of difficult to understand the 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' star's sense of humour, so let her clarify.

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'For anyone who has absolutely no humor in their soul please know my tweets are a joke and I will die laughing if I see blogs and media really think I am being serious. So don't even try it', she warned.