Kanye West returned to the stage over the weekend, less than a week after wife Kim Kardashian was robbed in Paris.

West, who is currently in the middle of his Saint Pablo tour, had cut a show in New York short last Sunday, after being informed that his wife had been robbed at gunpoint.

Kanye WestKanye West has resumed his Saint Pablo tour

According to E! News Kanye was in "good spirits" during Saturday night’s show in his hometown of Chicago. A source said: “He seemed humble and inspired. He sat back and listened to the crowd sing throughout the concert.”

During the show West told the crowd, "Chi Town I'm back in town," before later adding, “I can safely say that tonight is a victory.”

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Pascal Duvier, the bodyguard who has been under intense scrutiny since the robbery, was seen working at Saturday night’s show. Duvier had been in Paris with Kim last week, but was out with her sisters Kourtney and Kendall at the time of the robbery.

While some had speculated Duvier had been fired, a source told People on Wednesday that he still has a job with the Wests. “Pascal still works for them,” the source said.

“He isn’t irreplaceable though. The family really likes him, but he is not a family member. The new media report isn’t making a difference for the family right now.

"But Kanye is evaluating his family’s needs. He is ultimately the one who decides what happens with Pascal.”

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Kim is also said to not be blaming Duvier for the events in Paris. “Kim absolutely does not blame Pascal for this,” a source previously told People. “She was the one to tell him to go out with her sisters since she was fine and thought she was safe in the apartment.”

“He’s worked for them for a few years now and is incredibly professional and protective — it’s what the girls and family love about him. They are always his priority and he takes his job so seriously — he’s proud of it.”