Kanye West and Sir Paul McCartney are recording tracks together, which could develop into a full album. Sources tell Page Six that the rapper and former Beatle have been quietly collaborating on a number of songs, including one tentatively titled - wait for it - 'Piss on My Grave'.

Paul McCartney                                                                        Paul McCartney in the 'Queenie Eye' video

Insiders said that West's wife Kim Kardashian had been heard telling friends that she was surprised by the provocative name. West, who has declined to comment on the rumors, was present at McCartney's show at the Los Angeles Dodger Stadium last week and the singer-songwriter has previously spoken of his desire to collaborate with Kanye.

During an interview with Zane Lowe during the publicity tour for his solo album New, McCartney said he had "resisted the temptation to get a rapper in" for his funk-enthused track Appreciate, though would have chosen either Kanye or Jay-Z for the job.

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Last week, McCartney closed San Francisco's Candlestick Park with a farewell concert. The legendary venue is being demolished to make way for a housing, retail and entertainment development. The Stick, as it is known, opened more than 50 years ago, and was home to both the 49ers and Giants. It was also the site of The Beatles' last ever live concert, in 1966, as well as a 1987 mass by Pope John Paul II.

"Thank you, San Francisco, for being cool now and for being cool back then," the former Beatle told the crowd during an 11 song set that included Hey Jude, Let It Be, Back in the USSR and, fittingly, The End.