Stylistically, they’re two very different rappers, but the similarities between Kanye West and Jay Z Are growing stronger. Both new fathers, both been in the rap game a long time, and have influenced it innumerably, and with West’s new album out, and Jay Z’s on the way, they’re both slaves to the critics once again.

Kanye is one step ahead in one respect, though; he’s released his album, and the critics have loved it. Jay Z has only just announced his, and will be facing pressure to best his rap contemporary. With an overall rating of 87% on metacritic, and collaborators including Chief Keef, Daft Punk, Frank Ocean, Kid Cudi, King L, Rick Rubin and RZA, Yeezus is looking like Kanye’s best album since Graduation – the record that shot him to worldwide notoriety. “At first listen it sounds messy,” say The Telegraph in their 5-star review, “but the more you play it, the more inspired and essential each brutal interruption becomes.” Jay Z announced his new material in a classy 3 minute video during the NBA finals. It features him and Pharrell Williams – amongst others – experimenting with sounds and discussing music.

As the self-proclaimed CEO of hip hop, Jay Z has made plenty of music since declaring he wouldn’t be making more albums. His marriage to Beyonce and their subsequent offspring have dominated headlines more than his artisit prowess has, but that all looks to change in the coming year. Kanye, on the other hand, is with Kim Kardashian, and they’ve just had a kid. Guess it’s 1-1, then, for now.

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These two are big in the game