After declaring himself a God in a BBC interview last year, a new Kanye West religion has been formed worshipping the rapper for his creativity.

Kanye West plays at Madison Square Garden
It's not yet clear how many religious followers he has as of yet

'When someone comes up and says something like, 'I am a god', everybody says, 'Who does he think he is?' I just told you who I thought I was. A god', came the extravagant tones of Kanye West in an interview with the BBC's Zane Lowe last year. And it looks like he might be right as a group of fans have banded together to create Yeezianity; a brand new religion complete with 5 Pillars and even a Golden Rule. The name was taken from his latest album 'Yeezus'; a play on the names Kanye and Jesus.

It's an anonymous group (well, we wouldn't admit it either) that can simply be joined by emailing an unidentifiable image of yourself with a sign that reads 'I Believe In Yeezus'. Members of the group, according to the website, believe 'the one who calls himself Yeezus is a divine being who has been sent by God to usher in a New Age of humanity' and insist that his 'real name is never to be spoken'.

Some of the teachings on the site are just nonsensical, such as the statement, 'Money is unnecessary except as a means of exchange'. We know what you're thinking - what else would you use money for?! And let's not forget the Golden Rule: 'Create for others what you would have created for yourself'.

The whole concept is so bizarre, that we're still struggling to work out whether or not this is an elaborate joke; either way, we're sure Kanye West will be giving it his full support.

Kanye West live at Madison Square Garden
Kanye West: so godly he worships himself