Kanye West must think it's 2010. How else can it be explained that he's opted to unveil a brand new video for a song that he put out almost two years ago on his 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy' album? True enough just as we were expecting Ye to come out with something completely new, or at least announce something in relation to his forthcoming 'G.O.O.D Music' compilation, he's fooled us once again - although at least he's done so with some pretty fine visual support.
MTV reports that Yeezy has teamed up with film fashion maker Ruth Hogben to create a new mini movie (that's right, this isn't no simple track promo.) Undoubtedly costing a fortune to make, the film is a stylish black and white affair, soundtracking the Bon Iver (do we all know who he is now, yeah?) featuring 'Lost In The World.' Don't let the appearance of several women dressed somewhat less than warmly for the winter fool you, this is clearly a film all about pain, darkness and sorrow. And, ok, maybe a bit about hot women. West's there of course, appearing on a mirrored platform that reflects the dark sky above and as the video goes on the looming structure overhead parts to reveal a towering city skyline. Deep. The models, doing their best to express the sheer pain going through the song, dance around a bit.
So, there we go. The video premiered today, with no explanation whatsoever; Ye's most recent releases are singles 'Mercy' and the 'I Don't Like' remix from his 'G.O.O.D Music' compilation. Still, nice to know he's keep busy.