Kanye West loves a bit of controversy. If he's not arguing with another rapper over social media, he's getting involved in other stars' court trials. His latest bizarre Twitter comment references Bill Cosby and his alleged sex abuse scandal.

Kanye WestKanye West believes Bill Cosby to be innocent

Unable to keep his opinions to himself, the rapper has sparked outrage across the Twitter community regarding Bill Cosby's current legal matter. 'BILL COSBY INNOCENT !!!!!!!!!!' He exclaimed on the social networking platform, as if he can hold it in no longer. Understandably, he received plenty of nasty/disappointed comments, as well as a few very random and equally bizarre statements.

The post came just an hour following a Tweet clarifying who his latest 'beef' involved. 'I'm sorry Michael Jordan I love and respect you. My beef was with Mark Parker. I respect you so much!' He said, calling out the CEO of Nike, Inc. following a previous rant about sister-in-law Kylie Jenner's new deal with Puma.

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West gave no context, explanation or elaboration of his Cosby Tweet whatsoever, leading many to believe it's simply a publicity stunt set up to start trending with his new album release (now called 'T.L.O.P.'). Comedian Sarah Silverman was among those particularly riled by the apparent support, Tweeting in response: 'Kanye!! You can't be for real. FIFTY WOMEN. With nothing to gain thanks to a statute of limitations ON RAPE. Oy.'

Though, West is technically right in that, by legal standards, Cosby remains 'innocent until proven guilty'. While it is largely accepted that he is guilty on some if not most counts of the allegations made against him, he is currently on trial with a resolution yet to be found.