Review of Remember me Single by Kano


Kano - Remember me - Single Review

Kano - Remember me - Single Review

Remember me

From the guy that sang “Typical me”, Kano is back with this new cheeky chappy track that looks set to storm the charts.

Released on 10th June 2005, this track is full of neat beats and funky grimaces about women and real life! Typical eh?

This track is also taken from his new album “Home sweet home” set for release on 27th June 2005! Definitely worth checking out!

Kano is from the East of London, and is part of the N.A.S.T.Y crew on the underground urban scene. With his talent and unique style, Kano is one of the newcomers that is set to make a storm on the UK and urban charts!

He’s signed to The Street’s label 679, and is definitely original and real and this comes through in his music. His lyrics mainly talk about life in the Camden area and how no one would take notice of his music when he was just starting out! “Remember me” is a sort of listen up track, its hip hop so be sure this track will have similar agendas to the likes of 50 cent and Eminem!

Kano recently supported Nas on his UK tour and kicked of his own summer tour in Ayia Napa, Faliraki and also be played Homelands.

Candice Finney