The Voice returned to TV screens on Monday night (23 Sept.) and among the surprises in store for viewers was the appearance of The Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco and her sister, Briana, who will appear as a contestant this season. Briana and her famous sis were shown in a short clip when presenter Carson Daley informed her that she will be taking on the judges for a blind audition later in the season.

Kaley will obviously have nothing but support for her sister when she does appear on the show, and she isn't alone as her Big Bang Theory co-stars have also given Briana the thumbs up and said she should do well on the show. The news that Briana will appear on the talent contest slipped out earlier than the opening episode of the fifth season of The Voice thanks to Twitter. This gave Access Hollywood ample time to quiz Kaley's co-stars on the subject on the red carpet before the 65th Emmy Awards on Sunday.

“She has a beautiful voice,” Mayim Bialik, who plays Dr Amy Farrah-Fowler on the show, told AH, adding, “She is phenomenal. She’s very, very talented.”

"She is great (at) a lot of things," Jim Parsons, who won an Emmy on the night for his performance as Dr Sheldon Cooper, told AH, "We give Kaley a lot of hell like, 'Oh so finally the world is going to see the really talented Cuoco!' Which is not true - we just want to give her s**t!"

As well as singing, Briana is also a dancer and choreographer, and also follows her big sister's footsteps as an actor, gaining screen credits on The Mentalist and The Newsroom. She also appeared alongside her sister and the Big Bang co when she appeared on the show as the new girlfriend of one of Penny's exes.

Kaley Cuoco
Kaley supported her sister when she appeared on The Voice