The Big Bang Theory will come to an end in 2017, according to showrunner Steve Molaro, who said that he expects the 10th run to be the last."I'm going to move forward [on the assumption] that ten is the end unless we're told otherwise," he told The Hollywood Reporter.

Big Bang TheoryBig Bang Theory Will Come To An End

Molaro insisted that there is no "official" end-date set for the show but admitted that he "would be okay" if the show had only three more seasons left in it.

"My concern is that we do it right and we end this show in a way that is as befitting of these characters that we respect and love," he said.

"As long as we can have the opportunity to end it in a way that serves them all properly, that's my concern - more than the number of seasons."

"Comedy is a big part of our schedule, and The Big Bang Theory is the biggest comedy force on television," Nina Tassler, Chairman of CBS Entertainment, said in a statement when The Big Bang Theory's renewal was announced in March 2014. "This multi-year deal further strengthens our network's position for future seasons and marks another chapter in the great partnership CBS enjoys with Warner Bros. Television for delivering audiences the best in comedy. We're proud to work with and showcase the incredible talents of Chuck Lorre, Steve Molaro and this amazing cast every week."

Big Bang TheoryThe Big Bang Theory Has Made Jim Parsons A Star

Elsewhere, Molaro said that the current season will feature a lot of "big moves" in the final few episodes. Among them, Leonard and Penny will again explore the question of marriage, and Howard and Bernadette will be tasked with caring for Mrs Wolowitz (Carol Ann Susi) as her health needs grow.

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