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13th February 2015

Fact: Dave Grohl is making a regular guest appearance on British rockers Kaiser Chiefs' 2015 tour. During the concerts, a video sketch is aired throughout the arena showing the Foo Fighters frontman storming into the band's dressing room and launching into a foul-mouthed rant, hurling insults such as, "What a f**king load of s**t" and "Bunch of amateurs". The U.K. leg of the tour ends in Leeds, England on Saturday (14Feb15).

13th May 2014

Fact: Kaiser Chiefs singer Ricky Wilson had to wear an eye patch to The Radio Academy Awards in London on Monday (12May14) after suffering a "minor injury" while shooting the group's new video for the song Meanwhile Up In Heaven.

10th March 2014

Fact: Kaiser Chiefs frontman Ricky Wilson is heading to radio. The singer will host a double bill of shows on U.K. radio station BBC Radio 6 Music on 23 and 30 March (14). In the programmes, Wilson will play music which has influenced his career discuss his rise to fame.

17th January 2013

Tweet: "Heya (sic) Lady GaGa! It's my birthday today! Can I get a message, a retweet or even a follow back? That would be great!" Kaiser Chiefs star Ricky Wilson wants a personal message from Lady Gaga to mark his 35th birthday on Thursday (17Jan13).

22nd June 2011

Quote: "Glastonbury is a festival everyone should tick off their list of things to do before they die. So actually, don't worry about the horrible hangover you're going to have. Next week is another week and you'll only regret it if you don't throw yourself at it." Kaiser Chiefs' Ricky Wilson urges his fans to make the most of Britain's Glastonbury festival this weekend (24-26Jun11).

13th June 2011

Quote: "That idea was a year ago when we were going bananas. After a while you have to focus, which is when robots get ditched." Kaiser Chiefs' Nick Hodgson reveals the band considered spending $1.2 million (£750,000) on a robot to design their new album cover when they became disillusioned making the record.

11th June 2011

Fact: The Kaiser Chiefs got into the sporting spirit at the Isle of Wight Festival on Friday (10Jun11) when frontman Ricky Wilson brought the unlit Olympic torch onstage, to mark the upcoming 2012 Games in London. The rocker told fans, "This time next year, this'll be lit. Let's have a huge round of applause for the Olympic torch."

13th January 2010

Fact: Kaiser Chiefs drummer Nick Hodgson has launched his own record label, called Chewing Gum, with his girlfriend.

12th August 2009

Fact: Kaiser Chiefs frontman Ricky Wilson has landed a role in upcoming movie ST TRINIAN'S: THE LEGEND OF FRITTON'S GOLD. He will star as a rock musician who romances a schoolgirl, played by Girls Aloud singer Sarah Harding.

2nd June 2009

Fact: Kaiser Chiefs rockers Ricky Wilson and Nick Hodgson have landed their own radio show. The pair will take to the airwaves on Britain's BBC6 Music every sunday for a month starting on 6 June (09).

2nd June 2009

Fact: Kaiser Chiefs rockers Ricky Wilson and Nick Hodgson have landed their own radio show. The pair will take to the airwaves on Britain's BBC6 Music every sunday for a month starting on 6 June (09).

2nd June 2009

Quote: "There was a time when we had to bribe people to watch us. We'd walk out on stage and the few people in attendance were all clinging to walls. I used to shout that the first person that stepped forward got a fiver (five pounds). Or, if I had a pocket of change, I'd scatter it." Kaiser Chiefs frontman Ricky Wilson admits he used to pay people to watch the band.

1st June 2009

Quote: "There are times when I fancy a spell in prison. The only thing that puts me off is having to sit around with other prisoners. If there was no one else there I wouldn't mind it at all. I could sit on my backside and read books." Kaiser Chiefs frontman Ricky Wilson fantasises about spending time alone behind bars.

10th May 2009

Fact: British rockers the Kaiser Chiefs will share their support slot on Green Day's upcoming U.S summer tour with fellow Brits Franz Ferdinand. The Kaiser Chiefs will join Green Day from 27 July (09) at New Yorks Madison Square Garden to 7 August (09), with Scots Franz Ferdinand taking over until the tours finale in Los Angeles on 25 August (09).

3rd May 2009

Fact: British rockers Kaiser Chiefs will support Green Day on their U.S tour this summer (09). The North American trek kicks off on 27 July (09) in Madison Square Gardens in New York.

8th April 2009

Quote: "We have no time for him. Music is an art and he doesn't appreciate music for what it is." Kaiser Chiefs guitarist ANDREW 'WHITEY' WHITE blasts Oasis star Noel Gallagher.

31st March 2009

Fact: Kings Of Leon, Arctic Monkeys and Radiohead will headline this year's (09) U.K. Reading and Leeds festivals. The Kaiser Chiefs, Bloc Party and THE Prodigy will also appear at the legendary British music event, which will take place from 28 - 30 August.

7th March 2009

Quote: "If I'm at a celebrity football (soccer) match and I'm up against somebody from the Kaiser Chiefs, then they're going to hospital and that's the end of that." Oasis star Noel Gallagher has some dastardly plans for his rock rivals.

19th December 2008

Fact: Superproducer Mark Ronson has created a list of his top 100 acts of all time, including THE Beatles, Radiohead and GUNS N' ROSES. Ronson had mentions for recent collaborators THE Kaiser Chiefs and Lily Allen but left his Grammy Award-winning pal Amy Winehouse off the list.

10th September 2008

Quote: "A lot of people pretend they don't like awards but I really like them, I love a bit of back-slapping." Kaiser Chiefs star Ricky Wilson loves winning gongs at award ceremonies

10th August 2008

Quote: "I read a quote from fat RICK (WILSON) that said, 'Oasis have disappeared up their own arses, they think they're Led Zeppelin'. And we're like, 'Well, better than everyone else KNOWING that you're Freddie + The F**king Dreamers'." OASIS star Noel Gallagher on his spat with rock band Kaiser Chiefs.

4th March 2008

Fact: British singer Amy Winehouse is to perform at this summer's (08) V Festival in Britain - alongside the Kaiser Chiefs, Kings Of Leon and previously announced headliners Muse. The Verve are the other headline act at the two-day event to take place on 16 and 17 August at Hylands Park in Chelmsford, England, and Weston Park in Staffordshire, England.

19th February 2007

Quote: "We're not scared of becoming the new Coldplay - you just make sure you don't." Kaiser Chiefs frontman Ricky Wilson promises fans the group will stick to their rock roots.

17th February 2007

Quote: "There should be a law passed that no record deal should be over GBP100,000. We paid (our advance) back in the first week." Kaiser Chiefs star Ricky Wilson on the group's thrifty approach to music.

16th February 2007

Quote: "They're the ultimate 'a bit s**t' band." Kaiser Chiefs star Nick Hodgson discusses cult group THE VELVET UNDERGROUND.

23rd October 2006

Quote: "If we keep making (records) and you keep buying them we'll get there. It would be great to do that." Kaiser Chiefs rocker Nick Hodgson hopes to sell as many albums as LED ZEPPELIN.

28th August 2006

Quote: "I love crowd surfing and I do indulge myself sometimes. You get fondled for free and normally I have to pay for it." Kaiser Chiefs frontman Ricky Wilson likes to get up close and personal with his fans at concerts.

27th February 2006

Quote: <p>"I said I'd w**k a tramp for success. Though I've never w**ked off anyone...except myself, obviously." Kaiser Chiefs frontman Ricky Wilson's ambition knows no limit. </p>

16th February 2006

Quote: <p>"That's the one I really wanted." Kaiser Chiefs frontman Ricky Wilson is disappointed the band lost out to Coldplay for British Album at the Brit Awards last night (15FEB06), despite winning three other trophies. </p>

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