Review of Oh My God Single by Kaiser Chiefs

Kaiser Chiefs

Kaiser Chiefs - Oh My God - Single Review

Kaiser Chiefs

Oh My God

Apologies for being a loser but…Oh my God I can’t believe it… well to be honest, I can - the Kaiser Chiefs might as well be next in line to take the Pope’s job as far as the British public are concerned and I agree.

‘Oh My God’ is just as all the critics make it out to be, bloody great!

All about that ‘square-peg, round-hole’situation, the Chiefs have

Kaiser Chiefs - Oh My God - Single Review

added an infectious bit of piano in the intro to an echoy riff and a plain speaking, Leeds-a-licious vocal to produce 3mins 36 seconds of pure idiosyncratic glory. What more could you ask for?

How about a chorus that is so catchy it makes you wanna dance on a pole like a lady with no clothes on? Well you’ve got that too…This track’s sections are so clearly defined, you know what’s coming and you can’t wait, each bit of the journey just seems to be a little bit more exciting than the rest. You wait, straining your neck for the bits you can faux head-bang to and use the rest of the time recovering and thoroughly enjoying the quirky, achingly catchy Britpop revival.

Top marks boys, just can’t fault it.


Jemma Volp-Fletcher