Kacey Musgraves almost fell off a cliff while filming the 'Deeper Well' music video.

The singer/songwriter filmed the video in Iceland but admitted it was a perilous shoot and almost led to her demise.

She told Jimmy Fallon on 'The Tonight Show': "We picked literally the worst possible week to go. It was high wind advisories — I almost got blown off that cliff.

“I was almost like, ‘This video will be my death announcement'. It was a sheer drop down to the ocean. It was treacherous. Even the locals were like, ‘This is scary.'”

Meanwhile, Kacey recently revealed her new song 'Cardinal' is inspired by late country music star John Prine.

The 35-year-old singer was devastated by the loss of her friend and mentor in 2020 when he passed away aged 73 complications relating to COVID-19 - and Kacey explained he inspired the track which opens her new album 'Deeper Well'.

In the CD zine made to accompany the record, she explained: "When cardinals appear, angels are near. Unexplainable things started happening and cardinals started showing up on my doorstep soon after my good friend and mentor passed, John Prine.

"He always had a big connection to cardinals and felt that they were messengers from the spirit realm. He inspired this song, no doubt."

In 'Cardinal', she sings: "I saw a sign / Or an omen / On the branches / In the mornin' / It was right after I lost a friend / Without warning / Words unsaid / Scarlet red / Cardinal / Are you bringin' me a message from the other side / Cardinal / Are you tellin' me I'm on somebody's mind / Don't leave me behind."

Kacey was a huge fan of the country veteran and they eventually became friends and collaborators, with the singer joining him for a performance on a cruise in 2015 and on stage at a gig in in Colorado in 2017.