Review of Bouncing Flow Single by K2 Family

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4. K2 Family Bouncing Flow (12" - Relentless)
Yet another track thats been making a splash overseas this summer but this time its not the overactive island of Ibiza thats been providing the airspace but instead the more recent addition to the holiday schedule, Ayia Napa.

K2 Family are another rap collective who like talking about jumping, shouting, pumping and anything else that rhymes for that matter. Its a ravaging up-tempo energy booster. And garage fans everywhere will be shaking their booties in a more than saucy manner when this one reaches their lugholes.

So, in the style of the well-rhymed but badly-worded crew - its sleazy, cheesy and will certainly pleasy! if you like that kind-a-ting. Catch ma drift.